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Pet Anxiety

Convincing Your March Lion to Become an April Lamb


Pet behavior problems have many causes: boredom, stress, poor training, needs unanswered, illness, separation anxiety, pain and fear just to name a few. We would need hours just to describe them, let alone discuss treatments. Most importantly, happiness is not always found in a pill. Almost all medical treatments for unwanted behaviors include retraining or changing the environment at least.

Non-medical aids are varied.

  1. Equipment such as head halters, easy walk harnesses, and thunder shirts can be quite successful in reducing your and your pet's stress. (search easy walk)

  2. New pet foods have been designed to lower your pet's stress. Royal Canin's Calm is available for both dogs and cats. Hill's c/d Stress diet has been formulated to help those kitties that have stress induced urinary problems. (search c/d Multicare stress diet) (search Calm diet)

  3. Nutraceuticals have helped many of our patients. Composure or Composure Pro and Bach Rescue Remedy animal drops may be used every day if needed. (Do not use Rescue Remedy formulated for people since it contains alcohol.) Cat nip may soothe kitty, or excite her. Valerian buds and chamomile have a more soothing effect. (search the behavior tab) www.bachflower.calm (search tryptophan)

  4. Pheromone products as Adaptil or Feliway as plugins or sprays are often helpful. Lavender oils are said to have a calming effect. search lavender oils

  5. Toys are a fun way to decrease stress for both pet and owner. Treat filled Kong toys and other puzzle type pet toys will relieve boredom. A small beanie baby that kitty could pretend is prey might be fun, but so is a paper bag (without handles) or a box to pounce into. Consider a ping pong ball in a dry bathtub for kitty.

  6. Training your pet has many benefits. Unwanted behaviors should disappear or lessen, and your furry friend has your undivided attention. Tricks can be taught to cats as well as dogs, and are fun to do.

  7. Exercise is good for you and your dog, maybe a little fetch play as well. Be aware of the purpose for which your dog's breed was developed. A border collie will not be happy as a sedentary apartment dweller.

  8. Our favorite website is from The Ohio State University. Another website is which has an interesting discussion on Bounce dryer sheets.

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